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Autumn in Rutherglen is fondly known as the best time of year to visit by many of our loyal visitors. Not only is the weather divine (think cool mornings and evenings, clear sunny days that are perfect for exploring) the region is buzzing with vintage. Grapes are picked, wine is made, olives and caper berries are harvested, pickled onsite, and restaurant menus reflect the seasons' changing with foraged mushrooms and locally sourced lamb and beef. The deciduous trees give us their annual kaleidoscope show with the vines following suit, marking the landscape in yellows and reds. Locals love making the most out of the Murray River and outdoors while the weather is still warm enough, and capturing stunning autumn sunsets with a picnic at the Rutherglen Wine Bottle is a must!

Jones Winery

Autumn in Rutherglen can be as busy or quiet as you seek. Enjoy a variety of events from food festivals, wine dinners, art exhibitions, and foodie popups, or explore self-guided experiences such as nature walks or pedal to produce bike hire and winery tours.