Saunter by Sculptures - aRTS Rutherglen Sculpture Trail Walk

Move over Sculptures by the Sea. The harbour town may have the beaches, the cliff-top views, and the whales, but what we lack in saltiness we make up for in iconic Australian bush landscapes and award-winning wines. Unlike our northern counterpart, the Rutherglen Sculpture Trail is a permanent fixture, meaning you don’t have to beat any crowds or rush your way through the trail.

Art installation depicting man with mostache in window, wearing apron.
The Redboot Shop sculpture is a cast iron and metal sculpture of a red working boot. The sculpture honors the Redboot Shop that once operated in Rutherglen

The lovely bunch over at aRTS Rutherglen created the Rutherglen Sculpture Trail over 10 years ago, commissioning pieces mainly by local artists, to live within the rural and agricultural landscape of Rutherglen and surrounds. Welded, bent and soldered, there are now over 25 sculptures, made mainly out of metal, scattered in and around the town. We’ve designed a nice and easy walk for you to enjoy a good handful of these installations, on the aRTS Rutherglen Sculpture Trail Walk.


A little tip before hitting the trail is to take a detour to award winning Parker Pies. Stuff a couple of these absolute gems into your bag. Trust us, when you’re hankering for a little pick me up at the halfway mark, the oh so flaky pastry and moorish fillings made with locally sourced ingredients, will be just the ticket. These pies have received so many gold medals, they put Ian Thorpe to shame.


The trail will have you zigging and zagging your way around the charismatic streets of this historic town. Rutherglen, like most of the region, was established upon the discovery of gold, but quickly built and maintained its reputation as one of Australia’s premier wine growing regions, especially wines of the fortified variety. Those sticky, sweet wines surely must be the nectar of gods?


A highlight of the trail is the lovely Lake King, home to six of sculptures including two installations begging you to pop your behind on. They’re literally seats, so go ahead and rest those legs and soak up the views, ready to hit the next section of the trail. There’s also a nice handful of secluded spots, ideal for some mindful meditation, sneaky selfies or even a quick canoodle. Whatever floats your proverbial boat.


Now it’s time to take a little trek out of town - the walk out to Scion Wines is well worth the effort. This contemporary cellar door and winery is also home to three of the trail’s sculptures, including the popular The Mob by David Doyle - a charming scene of kangaroos, lazily reclining in the grass soaking up in those classic Aussie vistas. After getting acquainted with their modern interpretations of classic French wine styles, grab yourself a bottle of their out-of-this-world Rosé, prop under a majestic gum tree and let the gentle afternoon breeze wash over you. 


After you’ve woken from your dreamy hazy slumber, head back into town and pop into the delightfully cheery cellar door of James & Co Wines - the cushy, comfortable lounges are calling your name. A glass of wine, a nice little wedge of cheese and front-row seat by the window to watch the world go by - the perfect way to finish off your little outdoor art adventure.