Historical Touring Route

Rutherglen Heritage Walk
Rutherglen is one of Victoria's best preserved gold rush town, and there is no better way to see it than up close and personal with the Rutherglen Heritage Walk. This gentle 90 minute ambles guide you through the historic streetscapes of Rutherglen and gives insight to the beginnings of a gold rush town.

View ornate period buildings, significant historical markers and read about many of the characters that helped to shape Rutherglen's earliest years. Find the answers to interesting questions such as where did Rutherglen get its name from, and why exactly was the mortuary attached to a prominent local pub?

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Indigo Gold Trail
The Indigo Gold Trail takes in some of the most picturesque countryside in Australia and includes scores of easily accessible sites identified by storyboards featuring the trail logo. You can pick up a brochure at any of the Visitor Information Centres in Beechworth, Chiltern, Rutherglen or Yackandanda. Each of the sites is identified on the large map in Gold Trail brochure, and a brief description of each is listed by map reference in specific feature panels for Beechworth & district, Rutherglen, Chiltern and Yackandandah and district. You can start or finish at any point along the way. You can stop for a picnic in a national park or next to a beautiful creek, lunch at a gourmet restaurant, or one of the area’s famous bakeries, grab a hand-crafted beer or a bottle of fine local wine.

Common School Museum
Housed in Rutherglen's original c1872 school building the Common School Museum houses a fascinating collection of historical artefacts from Rutherglen and surrounds. Farming implements, wine paraphernalia, mining equipment, early photographs and a perfectly re-created period schoolroom are just a few of the highlights.

Friday 11am - 3pm

Saturday 1 - 4pm

Sunday 1-4pm

Monday 1-4pm

Family History We are able to help you research your family history and have a huge amount of local information in our records. The society houses Rutherglen rate records and Rutherglen Sun editions on microfilm, with Victorian Births, Deaths & Marriages records on microfiche, Carlyle & District Cemetery records and local school records. To help us exist as a Society we have a small fee for any research carried out – $40 per initial enquiry. If you would like further information please contact us.

Rutherglen Gold Battery
The Rutherglen Gold Battery is located on the northern fringe of the township, an easy walk from the centre of town. Its purpose was to crush quartz from nearby quartz reefs and extract gold from within. This site was close to the Rutherglen quartz mine and surplus water from the mine was used by the battery. The Battery requires 3000 gallons of water to crush 10 tons of quartz.

The battery was erected in 1908 and consists of a five-head battery, Wilfrey table, Bergin pan, portable steam engine and shed. Total weight 27 tons. The first crushing took place on 23 December 1908. In August 1910 the steam engine was replaced with a suction gas engine of 16 horsepower, which enabled the battery to crush 10 tons of quartz in 16 hours at one-sixth of the cost of the steam engine. Electricity was connected to the battery in 1953. The Wilfrey table was taken to Chewton in the late 70s. As well as providing a service for gold miners it was also used for recovery of tin. The rare and relatively intact site is of historical and scientific significance.

The battery underwent restoration works in 2011/12 and is now available for public viewing daily between 9.00am and 5.00pm. Call or collect an access code from the Rutherglen Wine Experience & Visitor Information Centre to enter the battery and view informative storyboards and video demonstrations.

Large groups can be catered for, and demonstrations of the battery can be arranged by phoning the Rutherglen Historical Society on 02 6032 9425 or 0408 087 079